Confirmation Class – Lesson 28 – Give Us Our Daily Bread

I have two ways to watch or work through this lesson. You can use the video link below or the PowerPoint Link. I am not promising which will work best. With the powerpoint show, you will have to start the presentation. The video should play. You can go to the next slide with the space bar or the arrows. (If you click on this link, it will open the video in Youtube.)

GiG_28 – 212 Recorded.ppsx (When you click this link, it should open up a PowerPoint file for Lesson 28. On the top right, you will see a present button. If you press that, it will play the videos. You will have to wait a bit for it to download. You can go to the next slide by pressing the space bar or using the arrows. There will be sound on the bible passage screens also, but you can just read it also and go on. You can also just watch the videos when you first open it up. Just push the play button on each video in the corner. My face is distorted if you do it this way, but that is an option, too.)

I hope it works for you. I know it is a short lesson. I will see if I can get another one this week. I look forward to seeing you next week!!

Pastor Green

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